Fair Housing Review: Homeowners Insurance

created on Mon, 2017-09-11   •   updated on Mon, 2017-09-11
This 2-sided flyer from the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania provides fair housing basics concerning homeowners insurance. It explains the role of the agency, provides examples of possible discrimination, and urges consumers to shop around. Republished with permission from Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania.Open Publication

Fair Lending in the Lower Hudson Valley: Testing Report 2013-2014

created on Fri, 2017-09-01   •   updated on Fri, 2017-09-01
This 52-page report from Westchester Residential Opportunities presents the results of a two-year testing investigation by WRO pursuant to a Private Enforcement Initiative grant from HUD. http://wroinc.org/assets/2015-fair-lending-WEB.pdfOpen Publication

Representing Yourself in Foreclosure: A Guide for Connecticut Homeowners

created on Thu, 2017-08-31   •   updated on Thu, 2017-08-31
Many Connecticut homeowners facing foreclosure are representing themselves in Court, and many of them succeed in keeping their homes. If this is your goal, it is important not to become discouraged when you receive Court papers starting the foreclosure case. This is only the beginning of the Court process and it does not necessarily mean that you will lose your home. While the process can be intimidating, it can be managed successfully if you understand how it works. The information contained in this guide is designed to help people who live in and own a one- to four-family home who are...Open Publication

Short Sales: Frequently Asked Questions

created on Mon, 2017-08-21   •   updated on Thu, 2017-08-31
This fact sheet by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center explains "short sales" (sale with upside down mortgage). Included are: Short sale basics Fees, deficiencies and taxes Facilitating a short sale Home affordable foreclosure alternatives (HAFA) Entering the rental market after foreclosure? Other alternatives Resources for homeowners at risk of foreclosureOpen Publication

Are you purchasing a home?

created on Mon, 2017-08-21   •   updated on Thu, 2017-08-31
This flyer from the Connecticut Fair Housing Center explains fair housing protections for homebuyers: Are you purchasing a home? Do you think you have been a victim of housing discrimination? The most common way you can experience discrimination while looking to buy a house is to be steered . “Steering” is • When an agent suggests a customer purchase a home in a particular neighborhood on the basis of race or national origin even though the customer has asked to see homes in a different neighborhood; and/or • When an agent fails, because of race or national origin, to show a buyer homes or to...Open Publication

Women & Fair Housing: In Arabic

created on Mon, 2017-06-05   •   updated on Wed, 2017-09-06
Women & Fair Housing: In ArabicOpen Publication

Run Fast (Predatory Lending)

created on Wed, 2017-04-05   •   updated on Wed, 2017-04-05
This radio PSA explains how to recognize predatory lending and what to do about it.Open Publication

Directions (Foreclosure Prevention)

created on Wed, 2017-04-05   •   updated on Wed, 2017-04-05
This radio PSA advises how to save your home from foreclosure and locate a free HUD-approved Housing Counselor.Open Publication

Risk or Race: An Assessment of Subprime Lending Patterns in Nine Metropolitan Areas

created on Wed, 2017-04-05   •   updated on Wed, 2017-04-05
Over the past decade, numerous studies have raised concerns that subprime lenders were inappropriately targeting economically vulnerable neighborhoods and that some borrowers, particularly African-Americans, were paying more than necessary for mortgage financing. Indeed, there is a substantial body of literature consistent with the finding that predominantly African-American neighborhoods had much higher shares of loans originated by subprime lenders than areas where whites predominated, while even controlling for a range of factors that are likely to influence the allocation of mortgage...Open Publication

Fair Lending - Learn the Facts

created on Wed, 2017-03-08   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-29
Understanding fair lending, and the law that governs it is important for everyone. Knowing how your fair housing rights are protected under the federal Fair Housing Act can help you recognize lending discrimination.Open Publication

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