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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Disaster Toolkit (July 2007)

created on Wed, 2017-03-15   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-15
The leadership of the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) strongly believes that, as fair housing professionals, we have a responsibility to ensure that persons affected by disaster are not victimized when searching for a new place to call home. As a measure of prevention and pro-action, FHEO has collaborated with a group of Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP) and Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP) agencies and other fair housing professionals to develop a fair housing toolkit for emergency preparedness. Toward this end, FHEO engaged the Dixon Group and Emergency...Open Publication

Subtle Forms of Discrimination Still Exist for Minority Homeseekers

created on Wed, 2017-03-08   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-08
HUD regularly sponsors a decennial study to monitor discrimination in the rental and sales markets. Housing Discrimination Against Racial and Ethnic Minorities 2012 , the fourth study in the series, estimates current discrimination against black, Hispanic, and Asian homeseekers compared with white homeseekers and explores the incidence of sales steering, variations in discrimination, and unequal treatment of minority homeseekers in specific metropolitan areas. HUD and local fair housing organizations use the data collected from this study to inform future efforts to combat all forms of...Open Publication

How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint – What every home buyer and renter should know

created on Wed, 2015-12-23   •   updated on Thu, 2017-01-12
Learn about what you can do if you feel you’ve been discriminated against in housing. Find out more about the steps in the complaint process.Open Publication

Top Ten Rules for Working in Fair Housing

created on Mon, 2015-09-14   •   updated on Thu, 2017-01-12
This document was presented at the 2015 HUD FHEO Policy Conference. This document describes 10 characteristics of a person who will be successful in the Fair Housing community..Open Publication

Fair Housing Act Cases 2011–2014: Discrimination in Mortgage Lending Based on Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Status

created on Fri, 2015-08-14   •   updated on Thu, 2017-01-12
A compilation of FHA cases (2011-14) pertaining to pregnancy/maternity leave status, this provides news releases on the following cases: Cornerstone Mortgage Company (2011) Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (2012) FirstBank Mortgage Partners (2014) Mountain America Credit Union (2014) CMG Mortgage Insurance Company (2013) Greenlight Financial Services (2014) Bank of America (2014) PNC Bank (2013) SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. (2013) Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (2013) Magna Bank and Home Loan Center (2012) Bank of America (2012)Open Publication
Supreme Court Affirms Disparate Impact in Fair Housing Cases

Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, et al. v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., et al.

created on Mon, 2015-06-29   •   updated on Thu, 2017-01-12
United States Supreme Court affirms the use of disparate impact in fair housing cases.Open Publication
Limitations on Investigations Involving First Amendement

Substantive and Procedural Limitations on Filing and Investigating Fair Housing Act Complaints That May Implicate the First Amendment

created on Mon, 2015-06-29   •   updated on Thu, 2017-01-12
This Notice sets forth specific substantive and procedural restrictions regarding the filing and investigation by the Department of complaints under the Fair Housing Act (the Act) that may involve issues relating to the protections guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution! It provides guidance to field and Headquarters staff concerning the appropriate handling of any matter involving persons, such as neighbors, who are not directly participating in real estate transactions, but who are alleged to have violated Section 818 of the Act, which makes it unlawful to "...Open Publication

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