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Fair Housing Basics: Removing Barriers to Housing Equity

created on Wed, 2017-03-29   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-29
This 42-slide PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of fair housing basics, beginning with an analysis of unconscious bias. Customizable.Open Publication

2015 AHS National & Metropolitan Public Use File Microdata

created on Wed, 2017-03-29   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-29
Curious about homeownership rates in Houston? Pondering mortgage characteristics in Memphis? Searching for arts & culture data in Atlanta? Details on these topics and more are now available with the release of the 2015 American Housing Survey National & Metropolitan Area Public Use Files (PUF) . Funded and overseen by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, the biennial AHS is considered the nation’s most comprehensive housing survey. The AHS and PUF data are ideal for housing and urban planning professionals, housing trade...Open Publication

It's okay to consider color ... as long as it's green

created on Tue, 2017-03-28   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-29
(Vietnamese) Poster showing a dollar bill on a green background: Judging you by what you look like instead of your qualifications is discrimination. What matters is your ability to pay for housing. It’s illegal to discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status in the sale or rental of housing.Open Publication

Providing Fair Access to Housing for Individuals with Criminal Records

created on Thu, 2017-03-23   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-29
This 29-slide PowerPoint training presentation from the Seattle Office for Civil Rights provides an overview of the disparate effect analysis related to the use of criminal records for applicants of rental housing. It can be customized with your agency contact information and logo.Open Publication

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Disaster Toolkit (July 2007)

created on Wed, 2017-03-15   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-15
The leadership of the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) strongly believes that, as fair housing professionals, we have a responsibility to ensure that persons affected by disaster are not victimized when searching for a new place to call home. As a measure of prevention and pro-action, FHEO has collaborated with a group of Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP) and Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP) agencies and other fair housing professionals to develop a fair housing toolkit for emergency preparedness. Toward this end, FHEO engaged the Dixon Group and Emergency...Open Publication

Supplement to Notice of Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines: Questions and Answers about the Guidelines

created on Wed, 2017-03-15   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-15
On March 6, 1991 (56 FR 9472), the Department published final Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines (Guidelines) to provide builders and developers with technical guidance on how to comply with the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (Fair Housing Act) that are applicable to certain multifamily dwellings designed and constructed for first occupancy after March 13, 1991. Since publication of the Guidelines, the Department has received many questions regarding the applicability of the technical specifications set forth in the Guidelines to certain types of new...Open Publication

Joint HUD/DOJ Statement: Accessibility (Design and Construction) Requirements for Covered Multifamily Dwellings Under the Fair Housing Act

created on Wed, 2017-03-15   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-15
The Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban Development are jointly responsible for enforcing the federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination in housing on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, and disability. One of the types of disability discrimination prohibited by the Act is the failure to design and construct covered multifamily dwellings with certain features of accessible design. This Joint Statement provides guidance regarding the persons, entities, and types of housing and related facilities that are subject to...Open Publication

Service Animals and Assistance Animals for People with Disabilities in Housing and HUD-Funded Programs

created on Fri, 2017-03-10   •   updated on Fri, 2017-03-10
This notice explains certain obligations of housing providers under the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act with respect to animals that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities. The Department of Justice's amendments to its regulations for Titles II and III of the ADA limit the definition of "service animal” under the ADA to include only dogs, and further define "service animal" to exclude emotional support animals. This definition, however, does not limit housing providers' obligations to make reasonable...Open Publication

Justice Department Files Brief to Address the Use of Criminal Background Checks by Housing Providers

created on Wed, 2017-03-08   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-08
The Justice Department filed a statement of interest today arguing that the Fair Housing Act (FHA) requires that landlords who consider criminal records in evaluating prospective tenants do not use overly broad generalizations that disproportionately disqualify people based on a legally protected characteristic, such as race or national origin. The statement of interest was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Fortune Society Inc. v. Sandcastle Towers Housing Development Fund Corp. et al. The case was brought by an organization that helps formerly...Open Publication

Guidance on Application of Fair Housing Act Standards to the Enforcement of Local Nuisance and Crime-Free Housing Ordinances Against Victims of Domestic Violence, Other Crime Victims, and Others Who Require Police or Emergency Services

created on Wed, 2017-03-08   •   updated on Wed, 2017-03-08
HUD’s Office of General Counsel issues this guidance to explain how the Fair Housing Act applies to ensure that the growing number of local nuisance ordinances and crimefree housing ordinances do not lead to discrimination in violation of the Act. This guidance primarily focuses on the impact these ordinances may have on domestic violence victims, but the Act and the standards described herein apply equally to victims of domestic violence and other crimes and to those in need of emergency services who may be subjected to discrimination prohibited by the Act due to the operation of these...Open Publication

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